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(movie : Masaru Ishiura, TGB design)




I have been questioning myself, "what can car designers do?" to aid people who are suffering from the worst earthquake and tsunami in north east Japan. While we are unable to go there to help, I found myself helpless, but I was still striving to find an answer to the question in order to contribute my skills to them as a designer.

One of the most helpful things we can do at this point is to make a monetary donation. What else we can do? Having thought of what can encourage people, especially the sensitive children, who are deeply hurt physically and psychologically, to have positive hope, I came across an idea.

That is:
To call designers to create an original "Mini 4WD" and host a charitable event.

I am convinced that car designers can provide hopes and dreams to those kids by creating a dream car, utilizing the Mini 4WD kit from Tamiya as a raw material, that has been offering the joy of making things and the importance of challenging new things to kids.

Fellow car designers, modelers, engineers, car editors and writers, let us make those kids smile through participating in this event.


Founder, Kota Nezu, CEO and creative communicator, znug design


Creators, Volunteers

Board Members, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions


This event is not related to TAMIYA inc. If you have any further inquery, please contact to:




Original Mini 4WD design charity activity plan


We are currently considering how we will raise funds and exhibit your creation as follows.

- Ask exhibition audiences to donation
- Host exhibitions for refugee children if conditions allow
- Host an auction for the designs (per your permission) and donate the revenue

We are currently negotiating with the venues. Please let us know if you know any good place to host the exhibition.









ThunderShot Mk.II sticker template


Frequently Asked Questions


Mycom Journal



How to participate the event.


1) Registration, e-mail the following information to info@mobilabo.net

- your name
- your profession (designer, modeler, engineer, writer, editor, etc.)
- your organization (company name)
- e-mail address
- phone number
- mailing address, zip code

2) Purchase a Mini 4WD from Tamiya as your canvas

3) Create your original Mini 4WD

Take it easy. There are number of ways to work quicker and easier

- Apply stickers (We will prepare sticker templates for specific models soon.)
- Paint it
- Modify the form using modeling patty

4) Ship your original Mini 4WD to the following address

Attn. Kota Nezu
znug design, inc.
1-2-11-2F Kichijoji-Kita, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-0001

5) E-mail the following contents to: info@mobilabo.net

- message to refugee kids
- your explanation about your design (1-2 paragraphs)
- your bio (1-2 paragraphs)
- your photo or illustration (640 x 640 JPEG)

- your idea sketch (if possible, 2480 x 1750 JPEG)

*Deadline: 4/18/2011 (First round, we'll call for entry for the second round in the future)


* Volunteer helpers wanted for following tasks. Please contact to info@mobilabo.net for details

- Exhibition organizing staff
- Web/Blog contents creation staff
- Translation staff


Frequently Asked Questions





About Mini 4WD

- TAMIYA America, Mini 4WD
- What is Mini 4WD (Japanese)

We are preparing the sticker templates for the following models. Please let us know if you are willing to make other templates. info@mobilabo.net

Avante Mk.III Azure
ThunderShot Mk.II
TRF Racer Jr.





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カーデザイナーにできること | what should CAR DESIGNERS do? | mobilabo | のりもの研究所 カーデザイナーにできること | what should CAR DESIGNERS do? | mobilabo | のりもの研究所 カーデザイナーにできること | what should CAR DESIGNERS do? | mobilabo | のりもの研究所

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many thanks to Shin Sano for translation.

contact : info@mobilabo.net

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